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Kitty Kelly

Andy Quitmeyer


You can find us online at various places:

Instagram: @digital.naturalism.labs

Youtube: Digital Naturalism Laboratories

Twitter: @Hikinghack

Facebook: Digital Naturalism


Basic Address
For basic letters and postcards – 60% chance of success
The Panamanian mailing system doesn’t actually deliver mail. There is a spot we can rifle through loose mail that gets sent to panama, but we give it about a 80% chance of making it to us. So don’t mail anything valuable or time-sensitive.

Digital Naturalism Laboratories
123B Sibert 
Gamboa, Panama

Private Mailing Address
For packages and important letters – 98% chance of success
This is a service we have to pay for which gives us a virtual USA mailing address. They charge us about $2 per letter, and packages are charged by weight and size. So don’t send us anything large or heavy (unless it is also quite valuable!).