Digital Naturalism Laboratories (dinalab) is a new jungle prototyping studio. We have a 235m2 facility located in the Soberania Rain Forest in Panama. Our goals are to:

  • Help field biologists build their own experimental tools
  • Help designers explore new interactions with nature
  • Discover new ways of experiencing the natural world

We are also keen on documentation and open-source dissemination of all knowledge in a variety of media! So whether you are a scientist, artist, designer, hacker, or anyone excited to explore nature and technology you will find something interesting at DINALAB.

Kitty and Andy just started setting it up in February 2019, and it will only get more and more awesome! Stay tuned for more updates about current guest residency opportunities, The Digital Naturalism Conference, and how you can get involved!


Paula Te

After teaching the Materials of Electronics class at CIID with Andy, I visited the Digital Naturalism Laboratories for 5 days. During my stay, we made laser cut Búho de Anteojos earrings, macrame plant holders, repaired a bridge, and welded a tapir toy! See the full documentation 🏗 The space ♻️ Recycling plastics (Kitty) 🦉 Recycled …

David Defilippis

I’m a graduate candidate at Marquette University in Wisconsin USA. I study community ecology in tropical forests primarily using trees and lianas. I’m also an embedded systems engineer and have designed various scientific sensors. At Dinalab I am working on some embedded computer vision and machine learning projects to study animal behavior.

Touch Tire

Here’s code and designs for making a simple tire into a touch sensitive input that can really be smashed around! Sample Cap Touch Code here. Library is embedded in the code, so just upload and go! https://github.com/quitmeyer/WorkshopFieldCode/tree/master/Plant%20Touch Just connect something metal between Analog Port A0 on your Arduino to the metal insides of the tire …