Digital Naturalism Laboratories (dinalab) is a new jungle prototyping studio. We have a 235m2 facility located in the Soberania Rain Forest in Panama. Our goals are to:

  • Help field biologists build their own experimental tools
  • Help designers explore new interactions with nature
  • Discover new ways of experiencing the natural world

We are also keen on documentation and open-source dissemination of all knowledge in a variety of media! So whether you are a scientist, artist, designer, hacker, or anyone excited to explore nature and technology you will find something interesting at DINALAB.

Kitty and Andy just started setting it up in February 2019, and it will only get more and more awesome! Stay tuned for more updates about current guest residency opportunities, The Digital Naturalism Conference, and how you can get involved!


Reign of the Leaf-Cutter – Ant Simulation Games

Educational games all about leaf-cutter ants! It covers the life cycles of a colony, how they forage and defend themselves from parasites! Produced by Digital Naturalism Laboratories for The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Q Bus. Development by Brian Boucher, Bilal Cheema, Steven Solof, and Andrew Quitmeyer Art design by Kitty Quitmeyer Scientific advising …

Flatten the Curve – CoViD-19 Simulation Game

We created a CoViD-19 simulation game for Q?-Bus at STRI. The goal is to let people get a better understanding of how diseases spread, and the effectiveness and consequences of different approaches. Created by Brian Boucher and Andy Quitmeyer for STRI Q-Bus Open Game in Fullscreen Mode

Amy Koehler

Amy is an awesome scientific illustrator who has been spending her time in Dinalab making incredible works of art for scientists producing new papers! Check out her insta @dormantseeds and her website https://www.amykoehlerart.com/ to see the incredible stuff she makes!