Mothbox – Mothbox – Automated Field Moth Light Camera

updates: Mothbox v4 and Mothbeam Prototypes live in the Wild! Follow its development at GOSH

All design files are currently located here:

Mothbeam v4.0 in the Rainforest
Hubert’s early collections in Azuero
Poliopastea moth

In November 2022, I was enlisted to design an automated, low-cost moth camera with Hubert Szczygiel to help with his bio-diversity assay work with Earthshot labs reforestation projects in Panama.

We then obtained a bit more funding in April 2023 from Michigan State University Professor Phoebe Zarnetske to help further design the project for use in their Rainforest X-prize entry.

Mothbox v2

I set about sourcing hardware components that would work together and fit into a small, portable, weatherproof, and transparent box. So far tests are looking quite promising!

This is an open science hardware project and all aspects of its design are granted a CC0 License and/or CERN Open Hardware License where applicable.

Mothbox – Automated Field Moth Light Camera by Andrew Quitmeyer is marked with CC0 1.0 Universal