Tapir Enrichment Tree

At the APPC https://www.appcpanama.org/ the biggest animal we work with (in fact the largest land animal south of mexico in the americas!) is the Baird’s tapir. She is HUGE and STRONG and SMART and it can be very difficult to make toys for her that will last!

when Paula Te visited though, we re-taught ourselves how to weld and got busy making a big strong enrichment feeder for her!

Touch Tire

Here’s code and designs for making a simple tire into a touch sensitive input that can really be smashed around!

also available in the ART&&CODE zine

The Zine

Sample Cap Touch Code here. Library is embedded in the code, so just upload and go!


Just connect something metal between Analog Port A0 on your Arduino to the metal insides of the tire (preferably a chain or something that gives you some distance!)