Upcycled Artwork for Fundraising

Resources can be limited in the jungle, but prototyping needs lots of iterations, and thus creates lots of garbage! To help avoid transporting expensive new materials, and further creating even more garbage in the world, we are trying to make it so that our (solar powered) prototyping workshop uses 100% garbage as materials.

As an beneficial outlet for our experiments with upcycling plastic for instance, we create keychains, earrings, clocks, and other works of art that we sell to raise money for nice organizations.

Our sales have primarily gone to the APPC animal rescue, but we have also made donations to Adopta Bosque, Salva El Grillo (LGBTQ+ activism group),

We even won a prize from Hackaday and we used the money to help get more supplies to Dreamspace Academy in Sri Lanka.

Kitty has been the main artist heading up our upcycled art fundraisers!

Upcycled Masks to Covid Mask Ear-Savers

Make Garbage Masks into Useful things! Like ear savers to wear more masks!


For those who just want to get to the meat of this How-to, here’s the basic recipe:
-Slice up a mask and keep the two outside layers (throw away the middle) Heat the layers between parchment paper at 200C/400f

  1. Fold and Reheat the Plastic to desired thickness
  2. Laser cut your design into the plastic sheet

Full Instructable Herehttps://www.instructables.com/Ear-Savers-From-Garbage-Masks/?cb=1604517248Disposable blue masks have become iconic on faces and unfortunately, littered about the streets. The ubiquity of disposable masks is helping fight the pandemic, but all these single-use plastics have an environmental toll as well. This is a simple project demonstrating how to turn waste PPE into other covid-fighting safety materials. Also I just liked the kind of meta-idea of turning old masks into new mask accessories!