Upcycled Masks to Covid Mask Ear-Savers

Make Garbage Masks into Useful things! Like ear savers to wear more masks!


For those who just want to get to the meat of this How-to, here’s the basic recipe:
-Slice up a mask and keep the two outside layers (throw away the middle) Heat the layers between parchment paper at 200C/400f

  1. Fold and Reheat the Plastic to desired thickness
  2. Laser cut your design into the plastic sheet

Full Instructable Herehttps://www.instructables.com/Ear-Savers-From-Garbage-Masks/?cb=1604517248Disposable blue masks have become iconic on faces and unfortunately, littered about the streets. The ubiquity of disposable masks is helping fight the pandemic, but all these single-use plastics have an environmental toll as well. This is a simple project demonstrating how to turn waste PPE into other covid-fighting safety materials. Also I just liked the kind of meta-idea of turning old masks into new mask accessories!