Leaf Cutter Empire – Educational Game

With the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s Q Digital platform, we were commissioned to make an educational game about the life cycle of leaf-cutter ants. Explore how the colony works by chopping leaves to feed the fungus, defending the ants from parasites, and finding new mates to spread your leaf-cutter empire!

You can see it all on STRI’s Qdigital https://stri.si.edu/education-outreach/qdigital/leaf-cutter-empire

Produced by Digital Naturalism Laboratories for The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Q Bus.

Development by Brian Boucher, Bilal Cheema, Steven Solof, and Andrew Quitmeyer

Art design by Kitty Quitmeyer

Scientific advising by Dr. Hannah Marti

Music and Sound Effects by Dan Singer https://ridgedchippies.bandcamp.com/releases