Bikes are a super useful, super efficient tool! We fixed up some old bikes, and now you can use em for free!

Feel free to swing by DINALAB to borrow a bike for the day, or if you need it for longer (1 month max), you can fill out this form so we know where the bikes are 🙂

Basic Rules:

  • We are not liable for any injury or harm that may result from you using this bike, use at your own risk, you are entirely responsible for yourself
  • Leave the bike at least as good as you found it. Repair, tune up any parts that may have gotten funky. We have plenty of tools you can borrow.
  • First Come, first serve
  • Regular rental for a day = free!
  • Weeklong – Monthlong rental = Also free! (but fill out the form below!)
  • Lost Bike Replacement – $50