Digital Naturalist Design Guidelines: Theory, Investigation, Development, and Evaluation of a Computational Media Framework to Support Ethological Exploration

This paper outlines Andrew Quitmeyer’s PhD work developing a design framework for interacting with wild creatures and biological field work.

Digital Naturalist Design Guidelines: Theory, Investigation, Development, and Evaluation of a Computational… by Andrew Quitmeyer on Scribd

This research aims to develop and evaluate a design
framework for creating digital devices that support the
exploration of animal behaviors in the wild. This paper
quickly shares the main concepts and theories from the
fields forming Digital Naturalism’s foundation while
presenting the key challenges emerging from these critical
intersections between field biology and computational
media. It then reviews the development of this research’s
hybrid methodology designed specifically for its multi-year
series of “Qualitative Action Research” fieldwork carried
out at a rainforest field station.
This paper analyzes the resulting on-site ethnographies,
workshops, design projects, and interactive performances,
whose take-aways are synthesized into design guidelines
for digital-natural media. This framework, itself, is then
evaluated via an extra iteration of fieldwork and the results
discussed. Finally, the paper identifies targets for continued
research development. Further areas of interest are
presented which will promote Digital Naturalism’s
progression into its own topic of study.

Hiking Hacks: Workshop Model for Exploring Wilderness Interaction Design (DIS 2018)

During our Digital Naturalism Conference, I will actually have to go full-on meta-conference  and present my research about the workshop model for Hiking Hacks at DIS 2018

Here is a full “pre-print” downloadable copy of the paper i will present



Hiking Hacks: Workshop Model for Exploring Wilderness Interaction Design (Preprint) – Andrew Quitmeyer by Andrew Quitmeyer on Scribd

First rainy day!

Today Gamboa had its first serious rain in months! It’s been an unusually long, hot dry season this year, apparently one of the most intense in the past century. In some ways, the dry season is terrific: it’s not that humid, and the roads are much more passable when they’re dry, making conditions safer for most humans. However, it gets REALLY hot without rain, and the plants and animals seem a little wilted.

It was wonderful to feel the fall of a real, prolonged rain today! The skies opened up, the temperature dropped, and the air was flooded with the smell of petrichor. The ground is greedily soaking up each drop of water, and I expect that the local fauna will be especially envigorated. Whenever we get even a mild drizzle during a dry spell, you can notice some increase in animal activity – extra squawking from the birds, a livelier spring in the agoutis’ step.

The storms are bound to get longer and more dramatic, and someday soon I’ll probably get sick of the resulting humidity, but for now, Gamboa is very grateful for the rain. – Kitty

Live Streaming 360 degree Jungle Audio

During his residency, Marc Juul, set up the first steps to live, Virtual Reality, 360-audio in the forest. The goal is to install these in fascinating natural places around the world to help, and people can subscribe to a network of high quality live audio for things like waking up to natural alarm clocks, creating luxurious ambient atmospheres anywhere, or helping detect human presence (ie poachers). The funds generated can then go to help the natural places hosting the audio streams!

Listen to a live stream from Forests in Gamboa!
(Works in Firefox and Chrome, for Safari you may need this link or in VLC you can open this link )

Marc Juul

Marc Juul is a super nice and super brilliant hacker coming from the meta-hackerspace Omnicommons in Oakland, California to help set up fun projects at the new DINALAB!

Open House Birthday Party Gallery Opening!

We invite you to come to Dinalab, our house, maker space, and art gallery! Invitamos a todos a nuestra casa!

123b Humberto Zarate, Gamboa

Friday, April 5, 6pm

Kitty and Andy’s birthday is coming up in April! This is a combined housewarming and birthday party, but instead of gifts, we’d like you to bring something you’ve made that we can exhibit in our little gallery space for the party.


It can be anything – drawing, photograph, origami, pottery, a scientific tool – as long as you made it! We can display the creations during the party, and you can take yours home at the end of the night . Message us if you have any questions about the thing you want to exhibit!

Also if you want to send a digital thing for us to print, please email us: your artwork’s



-Actual artwork file

Also please bring a snack or a drink.

Kitty Kelly

Kitty Kelly (Quitmeyer) ( is a librarian turned professional yarn-crafter. Her interests lie in sustainability, knitting + crochet, books, and red pandas.  She is the co-developer of the dinalab, and fixes/develops lab infrastructure while running workshops, events and logistics. Perhaps you will be able to become a mobile knitter / hiker like her!

She develops yarncrafted artwork to bring attention to scientific practices and discoveries. You can see more of her works at

Andrew Quitmeyer

Dr. Andrew Quitmeyer is a hacker adventurer studying intersections between wild animals and computational devices. He left his job as a tenure track professor at the National University of Singapore to start his own Field Station Makerspace in Gamboa Panama: Digital Naturalism Laboratories ( Here he blends biological fieldwork and DIY digital crafting with a community of scientists, artists, designers, and engineers from around the world. He runs mobile workshops called “Hiking Hacks” where participants build interactive technology in outdoor, natural contexts. The Digital Naturalism Conference ( is his research’s largest event, pulling in over 100 participants annually from all fields to collaborate on finding new ways of interacting with nature. His research also inspired a silly spin-off international television series he starred in for Discovery Networks called “Hacking the Wild.”